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November 17, 2004 10:29 PM

Our cat, Pumpkin, looking up at the camera from a crouching position. Pumpkin showed up on our doorstep last year on Halloween night with a bunch of Trick or Treaters. She was such a friendly cat, and kept coming around, that we decided to put some food out for her.

Well, of course, she continued to come around. As the nights started to get colder, Angela & I started to worry about her — the cat looked like she might be pregnant. So, we decided to take her in. The first thing we did was take her to the vet. No, she wasn’t pregnant, she was just fat — apparently both our neighbors were leaving food out for her as well.

We decided to name her Pumpkin because of her color and because of her showing up on Halloween night. Her introduction to Miss Kitty wasn’t the smoothest “first contact” ever, but they’ve settled their differences. And, by settled, I mean they attack each other constantly. I’m pretty sure they’re just playing. There’s no hissing involved, just cats chasing each other, pouncing on each other, and wrestling each other to the ground. In a friendly sort of way.

Like Kelly, Pumpkin loves people. It doesn’t take her long to decide someone is ok. Once you pass inspection, you’re her life-long friend, and she will be constantly walking up to you and wiggling her bottom so she can bump against your leg.

Pumpkin is also quite mischievous. I keep telling her the story about how curiosity killed the cat, but I’m not sure she gets it. Or maybe she doesn’t know she’s a cat. Regardless, she has a habit of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. It’s cute, in a rotten sort of way.

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