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August 4, 2004 12:20 AM

Small businesses and blogging — Reasons why small businesses should blog. This is something I think about from time to time. I mention Smart Goat here, but I don’t mention this site on Smart Goat. There’s two reasons for this:

  1. The main reason is, I’m not really happy with the design of this site. (As an aside, that’s also the reason I haven’t posted much lately. I keep thinking II’ll have time to work on the new design, which is excuse enough not to write.) When I do redesign it, I will probably link to it from Smart Goat.
  2. Also, I’m not real sure how much I should associate my personal life with my business life. There is more I would like to do with News Goat that would not necessarily be beneficial to Smart Goat.

So, I’m thinking about doing more blog-like content on Smart Goat. I have the news side bar, and this could easily be expanded to include articles, links, editorials, etc. The trick is writing content that would be interesting to potential clients. I could write about web design all day long (I don’t, but I could), but small business owners don’t really care about the latest CSS tricks. Also, finding the right style is important — a company blog should have a human voice, but too casual can sound unprofessional.

Things to think about. I’m still working on changes to Smart Goat, so now is a good time to try new things.

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