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May 7, 2003 11:24 PM

We got good news on one of our web sites today. The Central Oklahoma Mensa site has been nominated for a total of 11 awards in American Mensa's annual Publications Recognition Program (PRP). Our nominations were in the following categories: Calendar, Member Recognition, Photography, "Members Only" Section, Proofing, Layout, Graphics, Navigation, Overall Entertainment, Puzzles & Games (for my Flash games), and the overall excellence category, "The Owl." Though the winners won't be announced for several months, we're thrilled with the nominations.

In other news, we contacted the organizer of a local 5K race, in hopes we could build a website in exchange for sponsorship recognition in the race. Unfortunately they had already finalized the sponsorship list, but he mentioned we could still donate promotional items or coupons for the participants' goody bags. We're still deciding if this is something that would be worthwhile for us to pursue.

We also sent a follow-up email to the Yukon Progress asking for ad rates. We're eager to pursue our various advertising options in more depth.

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